Opera: the browser lands on the Ubuntu Snap Store

Another great name embraces the Snap format proposed by Canonical . We're talking about Opera , a popular web browsing browser, recently available on the Ubuntu Snap Store. Many important software have recently joined the format proposed by Canonical which is having great success: Spotify , Skype , Microsoft Powershell , Firefox and more.

Opera has over 322 million users worldwide , offering unique features such as an integrated VPN and a sidebar for messaging. The company, which was sold for 600$ million to a Chinese consortium in 2016, was recently listed on the stock exchange ( NASDAQ , symbol OPRA , see photo above) and with the IPO ( what is an IPO? ) 115$ millions.

Opera Snap App

The snap facilitates the browser update process, so developers are sure that users are running the latest version of the software. The Snap format is excellent because it contains in a single package the compatibility with different distributions simplifying the life of the developers.

" Installing our browser on GNU/Linux is now easier than ever ", these are the words of the Opera developers. " We are pleased to have Opera in the Store and expand the number of apps available " added Jamie Bennett (VP of Canonical)

To install the browser in Snap format you can go here . Alternatively, open the terminal and give the following command:
sudo snap install opera
In the same way you can also install Opera on all distro that support the packaging format devised by Canonical (Linux Mint, Zorin, etc ...).


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