Instagram: how to stop following who does not follow back

You can no longer follow profiles that do not follow back in Instagram through the PC application Combin. With a free download for Mac , Windows and Linux , the tool allows you to select several profiles so that the unfollow action is performed simultaneously without having to open Instagram on the mobile phone. In addition to the function to stop following, the software also brings the management of account posts.

Services such as Combin create automatic actions that, when over performed, can be blocked by Instagram for spam . With that in mind, developers suggest that the feature be used sparingly so it is not detected as a suspicious activity. As an alternative to not following too many profiles in a day, we recommend making prints from the list generated by Combin to unfollow manually by Instagram's own application.
Step 1. Go to the service website ( and enter your e-mail address in the blank box. To proceed, click the "Get" button;

Step 2. Confirm the action on the blue button to prepare the software download;

Step 3. Download the software to your computer;

Step 4. In the location indicated, enter your Instagram username and password. To confirm your data, press the "Sign in" button;

Step 5. On the software start screen, go to the "Users" tab;

Step 6. People who do not follow you will be presented when you click on the "Not follows me" option, in the upper bar of the window;

Step 7. Check the "Select All" option so that the profiles are selected by the software;

Step 8. To stop following the selected profiles, click the avatar icon in the upper left corner of the screen, as shown in the image below.

Take advantage of the hint to use the Combin to stop tracking multiple profiles that do not follow back on Instagram.

Photos: Reproduction/Marvin Costa

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