How to make group video calls with Whatsapp

With a limit of 4 participants, calls and group video calls also land on WhatsApp, both on Android and iOS!

WhatsApp, the famous messaging service acquired by Facebook, is now known all over the world for the package of features it offers. Among the many we find the stories, calls and video calls. The latter worked exclusively between two users and that is why it was introduced the possibility of making  calls and group video calls with WhatsApp .

Although this is not an epoch-making turn, this will allow users to create call groups for up to  4 participants . There are other services like FaceTime that allow you to make video calls (up to 32 participants with  iOS 12 ) but this involves the use of specific devices such as iPhones, while in this case you only need a smartphone on which WhatsApp is installed.

We do not waste any more time and see  how to do group video calls with WhatsApp .

How to make group video calls with WhatsApp
Group video calls with WhatsApp are accessible via both Android and iOS. The steps are almost the same, but what changes is the interface, which in the case of Android is in Material Design, while on iOS follows the rules dictated by Apple.

You are wondering, therefore, how to make group video calls with WhatsApp . Here you are satisfied!

WARNING! Make sure that WhatsApp is updated to the latest version available, both for Android and for iOS. Otherwise, open the Google Play Store or App Store and update the application.

Group video calls with WhatsApp on Android
In order to start group video calls with WhatsApp on Android, you will first have to choose a contact to call .

Just  enter the contact chat , then  click the call/video call button and wait for your friend to answer.

Once this is done, an icon will appear in the upper right corner, similar to the "Add contact"  icon  in the address book. Just  click on the icon  and  choose the remaining contacts .

Group video calls with WhatsApp on iOS
Also on iPhone you must first  enter the chat of the contact  to call, then  click the button for the call/video call  and wait for the response of your friend.

Next, next to the word  "WhatsApp voice call" , you have to  click on the + icon to add the remaining contacts .

Conclusions and other useful guides
The ones we have just seen are the procedures to start group video calls with WhatsApp. This is not a quick and immediate process, but will allow you to contact 3 friends at the same time.

What if the new group video calls with WhatsApp do not work or are experiencing any problems? Make sure the application is up to date. In case it was try to wait, since not all the functions in roll-out immediately reach all the devices. That said, with all the features on WhatsApp you're likely to encounter some problems. If you are wondering why WhatsApp calls do not work or who displays WhatsApp stories , then we are sure that the guides we leave you below will be right for you!

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