Updating Flash Player 11.2 on Firefox 11 without problems!

Flash Player 11.2

Adobe has recently released the latest update (article here) of its Flash Player for Linux. However, myself and many other users have encountered many problems with this upgrade. In my personal case, for example, I could not fully display Flash content via Firefox ,Still others complain of minor faults, but it is annoying. How to fix?

As a good person who always chooses the safest and least vexed, I decided to open a post for help through the support of Firefox, you can see through this link. I was rightly advised to re-download the plugin from the official Adobe website and install it manually by copying the folder of the default plugins on Firefox, it did not work, From good to better. So I started trying to figure out why I had problems on Chrome and I started to look a bit 'that he used the plugin and found, to my great surprise, File a virtually identical ,Had it not been for a few more characters in its name. Moved a little 'rage for pretty dumb move by Adobe, I decided to put into practice the following procedure, which has worked well!

Open a terminal, let us go after installing Chrome in its folder:
cd /opt/google/chrome
Inside, find the file mentioned earlier: "libgcflashplayer.so", which we copy as "libflashplayer.so" so that Firefox will recognize it, if we let two more letters (probably indicate GoogleChrome, IMHO) :
sudo cp libgcflashplayer.so libflashplayer.so
So we turn our new copy of Firefox in the directory:
sudo mv libflashplayer.so /usr/lib/firefox-11
Now, we have to go with the terminal in the location where now is the plugin and copy it to the appropriate directory. To do this:
cd /usr/lib/firefox-11
sudo cp libflashplayer.so /plugins
Of course we accept the request to overwrite the file and restart Firefox, now it's all right!

ALTERNATIVE We can download the file libflashplayer of Chrome and add it to our Firefox (whatever version) and is 32 or 64bit.
First, start Firefox and disabled the flash player plugin that you are using the section add.on -> Plugins and then type in terminal:
sudo wget -O libflashplayer.so http://goo.gl/vHZiM
mkdir ~/.mozilla/plugins
cp libflashplayer.so ~/.mozilla/plugins
if you by mistake when you give mkdir ~/.mozilla/plugins do not worry it means that you already had the folder.
Start Firefox and have the new plugin of Chrome working perfectly in Firefox.

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