Ubuntu: Using an Android device as a modem [Tethering]

Often when we are away from home and feel the need to use the Internet on our laptops, we are not always provided with an open wireless line or a internet key to navigate. But if we have an Android phone with active data connection, we can use it in Tethering transforming it into a real modem. The objective of this paper is precisely to show how to make the data connection of your Android device you can surf the net with their own laptop.

Materials Needed:
  • Device Android equipped with a USB cable;
  • It 'best to have a flat rate;
  • Ubuntu;
  • EasyTether which can be downloaded from here or Play Store.
  1. Open the application EasyTetheron our phone and select the word “Yes, run it now "
  2. Then we select "Linux Setup"
  3. Now we select "Download to computer"
  4. Press of Next
  5. Press of Next to well twice
  6. Now you will be prompted to activate the USB debugging; Simply go to turn in Settings-> Applications-> Development and tick the Debug USB
  7. Now connect your device to your computer via USB cable
  8. Press of Finish to finish

That's it, we have finished configuring the program to your device.

Installing EasyTether on Ubuntu

Open a terminal and enter the following commands, which allow you to install the application EasyTether:

wget -O easytether_0.7.2-1_i386.deb http://goo.gl/WiODN

sudo dpkg -i easytether_0.7.2-1_i386.deb

Now type the following command from a terminal to start sharing:

easytether connect
This command will automatically create a new network that will be available in the network manager, just select it and start enjoying it free of its Android device

That's it, now you can share the connection of your phone with your computer and possibly save money for a subscription to an internet key.

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