How to restore the bootloader of Windows 7 while keeping the dual boot with Windows 8

Those of you who have tried to install the new Windows 8 will have noticed the change in the graphical bootloader: We will have the ability to select which operating system to select the time of 'switching on a screen in line with what is the new style.

But if you want to restore the good old black screen, know that a few minutes to get back to business as usual, without losing Windows 8, and the dual boot on your PC, of course.

Let's see how to do:
  • At boot time (when we have to select the operating system) will find the 'Change option defaults or choose other options
  • We click and select Choose a default operating system -> Windows 7
  • Then click on Choose other options -> Turn off your PC
Next we turn to the boot screen of the old classic Windows 7, which can be useful if you have multiple operating systems installed on your machine.

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