Facebook Timeline required from today

Timeline Facebook obbligatoria da oggi

LinuxTechCrunch tells you that the Timeline of Facebook becomes compulsory from today! Discover the details in the rest of the article.

According to some, the Diary of Facebook is the biggest change I've done wrong Zuckerberg from birth of Facebook!

Yet, for users who despise misunderstood Timeline, disastrous news arrives: Indeed today, 30 March, 2012, the Journal of Social Network Blue has become a default option!

Unfortunately, even before it was impossible to go back to those who had turned on the Timeline: But today even those who have not activated if the person

finds himself in front!

The idea of Zuckerberg, not shared by the user, is to have a tool that tells his life.

In fact, the diary allows you to dig up information that you thought you had lost and to better organize your time line.

You can see comments, post pictures and videos of years ago, so you better take a peek at some time ago to delete any content embarrassing!

Even if you do not like, you must accept it as the dogmas of the church slowly, even if you are not entirely clear on its purpose, you will learn to live with it.

There are some tools that will allow you to improve this approach and make it more suited to your needs, but you can completely change the Diary.

It is the first change made on the Social Network and Blue is not the last: Unfortunately, Zuckerberg is not you!

What do you think?

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