Ubuntu 12.04 will have a new CompizConfig Settings Manager

A news flash, bounced in the last hours, concerns a small great news that we will see in Ubuntu 12.04. As you know, Unity can be easily configured in some aspects with CompizConfig Settings Manager in the section relating to Ubuntu Unity plugin ,Where there are several useful options to set the appearance of Unity and its interactions, especially through the use of sliders (The graphical component with which the user can set a new value by moving the indicator).

Although these sliders are clickable and fast, sometimes they can be placed on the wrong values causing problems to the entire Ubuntu system. I have already spoken of the possibility, for the moment is just a simple idea to completely remove CompizConfig Settings Manager from Ubuntu at the expense of MyUnity or similar instruments, but what is certain is that in Ubuntu 12.04 will have a new updated version of CompizConfig Settings Manager. 

The new version of CCSM has just landed in the official repositories of Precise Pangolin and hasremoved the sliders of reducing Ubuntu Unity plugin, therefore, accidental changes and errors by users. MyUnity, therefore, assume even more importance due to this small change by Canonical. It 'was a right choice and sensible? Let us know your opinion!

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