Speed ​​up boot Windows 7: Remove GUI of boot

LinuxTechCrunch tells you how to speed up the launch of Windows 7 by removing the graphical boot! Discover the steps, reading the rest of the article.

Like the animation of the flag initialization of the Windows 7 PC?

"Sure," think "She's cute!"

But did you know that the animation slows down booting Windows 7: and you, dear Geek love speed, this thing you just can not handle the truth!

How to save precious seconds?

Removing the boot GUI: LinuxTechCrunch and tells you how!

- Go to "Start" and type "msconfig" into the search box;

- Vai on the "Boot Options" and make sure the option "No GUI boot" is checked;

- Apply your changes and restart Windows 7.

In this way the animation will no longer be visible!

It is true, save only 4 seconds, but this, combined with several recommendations that LinuxTechCrunch you have already given in the past, will allow you to make your dear and loved computers a war machine, rapid and destructive!

What do you think?

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