How to make a backup of Android Ice Cream Sandwich without root permissions!

Really interesting new feature in version 4.0 of Android, you can perform a series of commands that allow PCs to perform a complete backup of your Android device! Everything you need, besides to Android ICS installed on the device is a computer with SDK installed.

Let's see ... how we connect the device to your Windows PC and run the command prompt.

  • We position Platform Tools folder of the SDK and type these two commands
  • adb backup -all | System data and application data will be downloaded but will not be saved the same applications of telephone. Default saves the data in the folder platform-tools As backup.ab.
  • adb backup -all -f C:\backup.ab- Same effect as above, but here we can set a specific folder for saving the backup file (instead of C:\ you can put the folder you prefer)
  • On your phone, you can see the 'start up: enter the password for your backup
    Backed up, save it in a safe place.
    To restore the backup, repeat the procedure done before, but enter the following command
  • adb restore
  • Example: adb restore C:\android-sdk-windows\platform-tools\backup.ab
This procedure as you can see it does not need root permissions.

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