Gimp 2.6.12 here is the latest update 2.6 series

The GIMP development team recently released version 2.6.12 eponymous software for image editing. This version, the twelfth to the 2.6 series, it introduces no new features but fixes many bugs and improves the system stability.

This new version introduces as already stated, numerous bug fixes and that specifically relate to importing SVG files, problems with buffer overflows and other small bug that caused many software crashes. Along with these fixes are a large number of updated translations.

According to the plans of developers, this will be the last update to the 2.6 series also given the imminent arrival of the long-awaited version 2.8, the next major release pending for years. Regarding the argument Gimp 2.8, developers have once again postponed the release date in mid-March. The team is focusing on improving this version, it has not been recently released versions of other testing, the last one was in December 2011 and it is the 2.7.4.

We can see all the changes in version 2.6.12 via the file NEWS made available to developers. We can also download the source of this version directly from the page "Download" of Project.

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