Problems updating Android 2.3.6 for Samsung Galaxy S2: how to fix?

The update to Android2.3.6 for the no-brand has been available for all terminals yesterday, Samsung Galaxy S 2. Unfortunately, according to what we read about, this update seems to bring problems to the WiFi, Bluetooth, inability to switch off the device, inability to access the settings of connectivity, excessive overheating, several blocks of the system and much more. The odd thing, though, is that not everyone has these problems. The reason? It seems that the terminals Galaxy S2 with HW 1200 will have problems once updated: only those with HW 1300, however, will have all the problems described above.

The 1200 hardware update without problems, the hw 1300 we planted! Verify that HW version you have with *#*#197328640#*#* and going Version Info -> HW Version -> Read HW Version. I hope to be useful!

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