iPad 3: Collect all the rumors!

Do not miss her presentation of the new tablet of Cupertino. Let us see how the world will imagine the 'iPad 3.

We know that the intensity of media coverage around the iPhone 4s did not do well with the new Apple smartphone, too many expectations have left behind him a lot of disappointment.

We try to avoid the same mistake with the iPad 3, but it's hard not to dream. Flying low is expected to a simple technical upgrade.

Firstly ,the photo department:
  • 8-megapixel back camera
  • 1080p Video
  • HD Front camera for a decent FaceTime even with the tablet
Not too much effort for short, Apple should simply import the plant photo of 4s.
It was an improvement should also be up to the screen that should reach a higher resolution display with the Retina but not oversized, maintaining its about 9 inches in size, making life easier for users and developers.

If these characteristics are given almost certain to remain big question marks on which it's nice to fantasize:
  • Processor: at last we will see the new A6 quad-core which is seen among some trace codes of IOS 5.1?
  • Sensor: we know the megapixels are not the only factor that makes a camera more beautiful, but the sensor is critical, who knows that the larger the tablet allow a larger sensor that will impress most.
  • Thickness: more and more insistent voices they think of a millimeter longer just for new members but could also radically change the design.
  • Name: who said he will call iPad3? If improvements were to be counted maybe you will opt for an iPad 2s.

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