GNOME 3.3.3 is available, foreseeing what will be GNOME 3.4

The development branch of GNOME continues its evolution and its leaders a few days ago announced the availability of GNOME 3.3.3, Which is a milestone on the way to the final version to appear in March and will be, as you all know, GNOME 3.4.

It seems that GNOME 3.4 is taking shape and is doing remarkably, with several significant improvements that have sought to highlight in Phoronix. For example:

  • Empathy ,The messaging program, has been largely rewritten
  • Epiphany has also been radically redesigned to become.
  • GLib, A key component of GNOME, has also won support menus in GApplication, which is important for the development of applications.
  • The GNOME Control Center also features improved design and many features
  • Optimized support for tablets and pointers -Especially for Wacom products.
  • New version of GNOME Boxes ,The platform virtual machine management.
  • Totem now uses the new API GLib thread support
You have more details on the list of characteristics of GNOME 3.3.3, An issue that makes us think big improvement a desktop environment that is taking very, very strong.

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