Use our Android Tablet or Smartphone as touchpad or keyboard, not just Linux


Among the many features that can have our Android Smartphone or Tablet we find some very interesting especially to facilitate some operations on our PC. In fact, today we will see how we can make our Android Smartphone or Tablet as touchpad or keyboard for Linux, Windows or Mac.

I find this feature very useful because we can remotely manage our distribution for example, if we are away we can work directly as if we had the PC keyboard and mouse with us. Useful if you want to see a movie or surf the internet for example by connecting a laptop to our tv etc..

In order to use this feature will use a very simple application called RemoteDroid,a simple utily written in Javaand then we can use it on any operating system, Requires no installation enough to be installed Java in our operating system.

Here's how to use RemoteDroid...

First download and install RemoteDroid in our device Android We can do this by downloading the file .apk from this page or directly from Android Market.

In order to use RemoteDroid on our PC first check that you have installed Java At this point you can simply download the file by this link pull it out and right on the file RemoteDroidServer.jar click Open with Java.

At this point once we started our specified IP address, simply start the application on our Android and enter the IP address and this is our SmartPhone or Tablet to become the keyboard or mouse of our PC.

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