Ubuntu 12.04 will not have any startup sound

A very under discussion in recent times, not only by the Ubuntu users, the choice of startup sound system. Become a feature of the OS from Canonical, the same development team has decided that, however, waiting perhaps to choose a new theme sound (for a while 'running rumors and rumors about this possibility), Ubuntu 12.04 LTS there will be no startup sound. At least by default!

The main reason seems to be linked to performance of the start Precise Pangolin: since Ubuntu 12.04 promises to boot faster than previous versions, has questioned the need to wait for 5 seconds due to the introduction music to mask the loading of the desktop environment. However, for those who feel the nostalgia, you can always restore it rehabilitating the startup sound. And you, dear users, how about this decision? It 'something useless or you just do not have any introductory tune when loading the desktop?

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