Solve the problem of 'update filesystem on Arch Linux

Arch Linux default does not add any application for Update Management, We can decide when to update but if we want to maintain stable and secure our distribution is advisable to perform an update at least once a week.

These days, if we try to UPDATE Arch Linux most likely an error message will appear which tells us that the new filesystem-2011.12 will cause a conflict with /etc/mtab thus allowing us to upgrade not only the package but also the entire distribution.

Solve the problem is simple enough to force the installation by adding file system --force or -f the mount command.

Just then a terminal type:
pacman -S filesystem --force
and then complete the upgrade
pacman -Syu
I remember that just Arch Linux strongly discourages the use of --force or -f it is not safe. However, in this particular case, since you must manually delete /etc/mtab Pacman would create problems.

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