Released Firefox 9.0, the fastest and most innovative ...

As a roadmap Mozilla at this time has released a new version 9.0 of Firefox, As well as some corrections version brings many new developments that improve the performance of the browser.

Firefox 9.0 brings a clear improvement for JavaScript, improved management 3D of WebGL bringing a significant improvement in performance of the browser stating that it is almost 20% faster than previous releases. Improved support for standards HTML5, MathML and CSS In addition also improved support for font-stretch, and text-overflow. Were also fixed some problems with the version for Mac with the new operating system Lion.

To know all the news of the new Firefox 9.0 in this page you will find the release notes.

Firefox 9.0 will be available in the coming days on Ubuntu 11.10 Oneiric and Ubuntu 11.04 Natty directly into the official repositories, you have to update the distribution to install it.

If instead we have Ubuntu in previous releases (10.10 - 10.04 - 9.10 - 9.04 - 8.10 - 8.04) we can install Firefox 9.0 using precompiled binaries for it just start the terminal and type:

For 32-Bit
For 64 Bit
estradiol and go to the folder /opt to do more and we type in terminal
tar xvjf firefox-9.0.tar.bz2
sudo cp -r firefox/ /opt/firefox
sudo rm firefox-9.0.tar.bz2
sudo rm -r firefox/
realize the hours connection with our Menu to do this type:
sudo mv /usr/bin/firefox /usr/bin/firefox-old
sudo ln -s /opt/firefox/firefox /usr/bin/firefox
Now we start our Firefox and we will have the new version 9.0

even if you start the default version we type in terminal
killall firefox-bin
If we want to restore the default version simply type in terminal
sudo mv /usr/bin/firefox-old /usr/bin/firefox
sudo rm -r /opt/firefox
and we will have the default version

Firefox 9.0 is also available for Windows and Mac in this page you will find links to download it for your specific operating system.

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