Plasma Active Two: experience significantly improved

Two months after the release of Plasma Active One, Plasma Active Two reaches, Which as its name suggests is the second version of KDE for touch devices that increasingly looks better.

The improvements introduced Plasma Active Two has are considerable and include bug fixes and performance improvements, plus much work in the user experience: Visuals, arrangement of elements, everything is and works much better than we had the opportunity to see with their first release.

You can find all the information on the Plasma Active Two official announcement, Although a faster way to appreciate the evolution that brings this new version of the project is watching the following presentation video:

I'd like to try, right? There's the thing a little more difficult, but anyone who wants to venture to take a look at this development, redundant, is in development ,Should take a look at this link. And there will be nothing more until next summer, when it launches Plasma Active… Three, Exactly.

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