Netspeed, Speed of our internet connection on Gnome Shell

Very often when operating on multiple downloads or for other reason we want to CHECK download and upload speed of our internet.

Were made to do so many dedicated applications or for example we can use Conky ,If we use Gnome Shell now we have this functionality through a simple extension called Netspeed.

Netspeed is a new Gnome Shell Extension with which we always have real-time information about downloading and uploading of our Internet connection.

Through Netspeed we have a new applet that will show you the speed of download in real-time, With a click on the applet will also find more information like ulpload in real time.
Install Netspeed on Gnome Shell is simple enough links on this page and click On and confirm the activation of the extension.

After a few seconds we will have Netspeed integrated in our panel and already active. To turn off Netspeed We can do it Online in this page or through Gnome Tweak Tool.

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