KDE: Add USU Service Menu in Dolphin

Dolphin is certainly one of the best file manager for Linux ,Thanks to the rich functionality allows you to search files and speed up some of the best features without using other applications.
With Dolphin We can for example through the side bars (also customizable) view the video or listen to an audio file selected add tags and comments (And even scores) to file quick search and many other features. Moreover, thanks to Dedicated Service Menu We can add more functionality to our file manager.

Today we present an excellent Service Menu for Dolphin with which we can add many features to our file manager. Thanks to Service Menu proposed by the team USU - Free Operating System We can print directly without launching a document, simply select the document and click the right mouse button and click on Print.

In addition, the USU Service Menu adds the ability to start a folder from root (Use this feature with great care), useful for example if we want to copy, move or change any files in our system). Very useful feature various proposals for the images, in fact with the new Service Menu we resize, compress, convert, and rotate our images directly from Dolphin thus not using any application.

To install the new USU Service Menu on Kubuntu, Debian Just download and install and derived this package. For more information on USU Service Menu just consult this page.

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