Google Chrome 16: arrives the support multi-user and dangerous bug resolved

Google has released a new update of its fast browser, Chrome 16, That addresses and solves the security problems and vulnerabilities that had been unearthed in Chrome 15. In particular, four holes have been fixed related to viewing PDF files through the browser.

Two of these issues were medium danger, Allowing a hypothetical malintezionato access to portions of system memory is not related to the application itself, and then left unprotected sensitive information for the machine and its user. The other two reports but could also allow for an attacker to execute arbitrary code ,Such as tricking the user to make him open PDF fakes that contained malicious code, and thus further worsening the conditions of the machine or exposure to additional attacks. More about the vulnerabilities to execute arbitrary code have been identified and resolved.

In total, Google Chrome 16 fixes 6 bugs at high risk, 7 medium risk, and 2 low risk. The majority of these vulnerabilities have been discovered by developers Chromium and Google Security Teams. We emphasize that the external researchers have provided evidence of the Google Chrome bug found, they were rewarded with 6000$, for all those who had ambitions of this kind. Google, after speaking of bugs of its Web browser, has said that it did not record this type of problems and that everything was still standing at potential risk. If someone was exposed to risks, the attacker would still be stuck inside the sandbox creates Chrome, so as to avoid intrusion in areas that do not compete in the PC browser.

The real novelty of this version, however, concerns' introduction of support for multiple profiles ,With the ability to switch between profiles on the same operating system, and keep your data, settings, apps and bookmarks with the new function 'Login to Chrome‘.

Google Chrome 16 can be downloaded on Windows, Linux and Mac via the following download Link

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