20 applications of the Ubuntu Software Centre that you can not disregard

The other day I was discussing with a reader of the blog that not everyone is born with his shirt and it is right, sometimes, also point out that for some items may seem trivial but are expected and, for those approaching the first time in Ubuntu, can be very important and of great help. The purpose of this article is just that, 20 to highlight programs that you can install directly of Ubuntu Software Centre and that may be useful in a variety of needs. Tell the truth, really know them all?

Stellarium Planetarium Software
Considered by many to be the perfect application for amateur astronomers, the software sports a 3D view of the sky that resembles the vision of the sky through a telescope.

Chromium Web Browser
It needs little introduction. Chromium is nothing more than the version dedicated to Linux systems of the popular Google Chrome browser.

It 'a good alternative to other free media players like VLC (which is absolutely the number one). SMPlayer has the ability to remember the user settings and the history of media clips closed.

GnuCash Finance Management
Gnu Cash accounting is the perfect tool for the Linux platform and helps in the preparation of financial reports and also to track the treatment of employees.

Blender - 3D Modeling, Animation, Renedering
Blender is a 3D modeling and rendering tools that Ubuntu users can use to create short video clips and animations.

Guake - a terminal for GNOMEin style Quake
A special terminal really nice and appreciated by lovers of Quake.

Synaptic package manager
For those of you who do not like the new Ubuntu Software Center, you can still use the Synaptic package manager.

Shutter - Capture, Edit and Share Screenshots
This is a very useful tool to capture and edit images.

Synapse Launcher
Although Unity is fast enough as a launcher, many users still love the old Synapse Launcher.

This is a very good program, VOIP, mainly used for communication between gamers.

This is a perfect graphical IRC client with GTK and GUI.

Uget Download Manager
A download manager for Ubuntu really very good and fairly complete.

Deluge Bit Torrent Client
One of the p2p client for torrent and appreciated more fully from the Ubuntu community.

The number one alternative to Adobe Photoshop!

An application that was designed for those who are fans of photos and need a tool for RAW conversion and digital photo processing.

It 'open-source answer to Adobe Lightroom.

It 'the perfect editor for vector drawing and editing images. It 'very similar to Corel Draw.

OpenShot Video Editor
This is an open source video editor, much better than even Windows Movie Maker, considered the best among existing for Linux.

Calibre e-Book Library Management
An application that allows you to manage your ebook library.

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