15 tips and tricks to prolong the battery in your Android

One of the major problems in smartphones, is Battery. There are people who come to charge up to three times a day and walk with shippers in backpacks or bags, or have loaded into the car. The battery is undoubtedly the primary concern of almost any user of smartphones, it is manufactured to be, and manufacturers, rather than improve this aspect, we are content to last a whole day, 16 hours.

Those who are users of such terminals, often we have launched all sorts of insults to the air result of anger to see that, at a crucial moment, our phone battery has run out and left us in the lurch.

So today, I'll give 15 handy tips so you can extend the battery life of your android and that you will come of luxury and taking into account the dates are, where we come to call family, friends, sending messages by WhatsApp or updating social networks.
  1. CHARGE CYCLE: It is very important that once a month, let the battery drops below 20% of their charge and make it load completely. Some people should let it discharge completely. Avoid short loads, you would be charging every night regardless of how much battery is left.
  2. TEMPERATURES: As with any device, temperatures affect battery performance. These, move in a range from 0°C to 45°C. Too cold or too hot can damage the battery, so you have to keep the phone is directly exposed to the sun or the weather (if you live in some Nordic countries).
  3. LEAVE BREATHING: When the phone is charging, you should remove the cover, as this could cause overheating and damage the battery.
  4. DISABLE WiFi: Using your mobile phone connected via WiFi is highly recommended, either for speed or because it consumes less battery power, however, if we have no accessible WiFi network, you should disconnect it, and that the continuous scanning for mobile networks, consumes less battery life.No However, if we had better be connected via wifi and not 3G.
  5. MOBILE DATA: Another thing that consumes lots of battery, it's 3G internet connection, in fact the most. If not required, it is recommended to disable it and be connected to 2G (GSM). If we know that we are in a poor coverage area, better turn it off directly, the fruitless search for antenna consumes a great deal.
  6. DISABLE AUTOMATIC TIMING: This happens in 2° plane and is mainly used for real-time synchronization of Gmail, Facebook, Twitter and other services. It is recommended to activate only occasionally and WiFi, the rest of the time, it better be off. Obviously it all depends on the preferences of each user.
  7. DISABLE BLUETOOTH: As is the case with the WiFi, Bluetooth consumes large amounts of battery, so unless Tulic hands free or for a BT headset is better to have it off.
  8. SET THE TIME of TURN OFF THE DISPLAY: It is advisable to adjust the off time of the screen, so that it goes off quickly if the phone is not in use.
  9. SET DISPLAY BRIGHTNESS: Unless the day and be outdoors, it is best to have the screen brightness to minimum.
  10. CLOSE APPLICATIONS AT 2nd LEVEL: In many cases, some applications, leave them, just go to 2nd level and then have quick access to them or to synchronize data. Highly recommended to visit from time to time the Task Manager and close those processes manually. But beware, this measure is only as a precaution, it is proven that applications close on 2nd level does not prolong battery life, only if there are any that are consuming resources without our permission, of course, that is defective or has a bug.
  11. DISABLE THE AUTOMATIC UPDATE: Many Android have this option enabled by default, which is also recommended to switch off because the phone is constantly looking for firmware updates.
  12. VIBRATION: The vibrator of the phone is another thing that needs a lot of battery, so you may want to use it only in extreme noise.
  13. USING THE POWER CONTROL WIDGET: This widget is very handy because one touch, we can enable or disable WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, automatic synchronization and adjust brightness.
  14. ELIMINATE UNNECESSARY WIDGETS: Many of the Android widgets require an Internet connection, such as weather widgets, Twitter, email or Facebook, are always connected to internet for updates. Removing them will help us save battery.
  15. APPLICATIONS: There are applications such as launchers, keyboards, etc., which consume battery even when not believe it. In fact any application is a potential consumer to use or not (we never know if the developer has been responsible for the management aspect of the battery or not) have therefore, necessary and only the apps you use, the remaining always we can re-download or keep them as backup on the phone and install in less than 30 seconds.
Of course these tips are very basic, almost obvious some, but no more tricks except specialized ROMS low battery consumption, but broadly and to the lay public, the best tool to monitor your battery is this and responsible consumption;) And especially not to get frustrated because you do not the battery lasts three days, just get used to charging every night.

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