Ubuntu: How to reinstall Ubuntu without losing data

Today I wanted to create this guide or tutorial which will show you how reinstall Ubuntu without losing data or better without deleting your data in Ubuntu. The first thing procure DVD of UbuntuIf there is no 'we reload the ISO image from here and burn it. After you insert the DVD into the drive and I boot from drive and look forward to loading the installation procedure, until you see the following window, select your language

in this screen, select Install Ubuntu and we Sending

Here we check that is selected English and then we click Continue

Here I point selection is 5 and 6 but it is not mandatory but I do recommend it and then click Continue

in the following screen which is the most important choices we make sure to select "Update Ubuntu" as in step 8 and then we click Install

below proceed as a normal installation by typing the location and then we click Continue

Here we check the points 11 and 12 and we click Continue

here fill in the various fields and then we click Continue

and now we just wait for the installation to finish!

I hope there was of help! if you want to leave a comment for clarification and will reply as soon as possible!

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