Ubuntu 12.04 LTS will recommend the 64bit version!

Good news for all fans of Ubuntu, especially 64-bit. During a recent meeting between members of the development team, it was decided that 64-bit of Ubuntu (Beginning with Ubuntu 12.04 LTS Precise Pangolin) become finally recommended versions than the 32-bit. Although Linux was the first operating system to have support for x86_64/AMD64 architectures, and Canonical has released images of Ubuntu 64bit support since the beginning many of the same software architecture, The Ubuntu team has always recommended the 32-bit version of Ubuntu instead of the 64-bit.

With Ubuntu 12.04 LTS, which will be released next April, the most important change will cover just the 64-bit version of Ubuntu that Canonical will be strongly advise to download and use. Of course this does not mean that the 32-bit version is not available: it will be released properly as always. The reason for this is that Ubuntu 12.04 will provide default support multiarch and ensure compatibility with 32-bit packages. Many problems are solved, thanks to 64-bit native support for Adobe Flash and OpenJDK, and 64-bit version will become the number one recommended because, compared to 32 bits, much faster.

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