Problem with initscripts when upgrading Arch Linux, here's how to solve it ...

One of the major strengths of Arch Linux is definitely the package manager Pacman which allows us to manage our packages with great ease and speed.
Thanks to Pacman we can not only install, remove, or look for new packages, but also keep up to date simply by synchronizing package lists with the master server, with a simple command such as whether we can synchronize our update packages.
Some users and we have noticed a bug when updating preventing complete it, in fact, the command pacman-Syu During the process we get the following message:

Error: Can not perform the requested operation (conflicting files)
initscripts: /etc/profile.d/ is already present in the filesystem
There were errors, no package has been updated.

the problem is that during the update pacman has detected a conflict of files and design.

Solve the problem is simple enough from a terminal type:
pacman -Syuf
add f to force the installation of the update so that it also refreshed initscripts. The next update we will not have any problem.

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