iOS 5.0.2 will solve definitively the problem the battery? Perhaps those of apple have understood what the problem is!

It was expected this week to update to version 5.0.2 of iOS 5, In fact, there seems to be a waste of code for the latest update. As always there will be Macerkopf claims, and IOS 5.0.2 beta - so it will be immediately available for download.

The problem that plagues the battery, especially with the iPhone 4S could also depend on the power antenna in areas where reception is poor, it was proved that, if you have a good 3G network signal has no problems with a battery, while the time drops dramatically if there are problems with the reception, in this case because the power of the antenna must be increased, also increases the battery consumption.

The new firmware should fix the problem exclusively of the battery - we will keep you updated as usual

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