How to jailbreak of iOS 5 in 80 seconds with Redsn0w

Hello and welcome to a new Article of LinuxTechCrunch. Today we will explain how to jailbreak Tethered of almost all Apple devices currently on the market (excluding iPhone 4s).

For those who do not know the word is accompanied with tethered another little word called untethered, what these two little words? Simple, there are two types of jailbreak: tethered jailbreak is a change that will remain on your device until it is turned off, it will be off soon, you will need to be able to turn to the PC/Mac and reboot. The untethered jailbreak instead is tethered to the opposite, in fact, thanks to an untethered jailbreak will not be necessary to connect every time your iPhone to your PC to be able to turn.

Unfortunately, at present there is only 5 to Jailbreak iPhone OS which is tethered. So here's how to do this in less than 3 minutes.


-Redsn0w 0.9.9b7 is available here (MacWin)

- IOS 5 device column (all except the iPhone 4s)


First open the archive .rar you just downloaded and unzip the folder on the desktop.

Now run Redsn0w and click on "Jailbreak".

At this point you have to put your iPhone in DFU mode, to do this you first have to turn off your device when you switch off you press and hold the power and home for 10 seconds and just after the 10 seconds you will have to release the power button and hold the home button for 15 seconds

Now your device is in DFU mode and Redsn0w will proceed to make the jailbreak by installing cydia on your device.

Troubleshooting and reboot PC or Mac:

If you see the icon on your iPhone of Cydia , so it was all normal to fruition. If the icon of Cydia, it's white do not worry, you just turn off your device, and perform a reboot of the computer, to do this just run Redsn0w, click "Extras" and then "Just Boot". Redsn0w will ask you to bring back the iPhone in DFU mode and it will restart with Cydia running.

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