Gnome Boxes manage virtual machines on a local or network

GNOME in recent months has started some new projects, some of which are already present with the release of Gnome 3.2 as Gnome Online Account, Gnome Contacts and Documents.
In addition the team Gnome is developing a new project called GNOME Boxes a simple application with which we can view, access and use virtual machines in our computer or network. Gnome Boxes through a simple interface allows us to install and use other operating systems within our system, such as VirtualBox, All with great ease even though the project still lacks many features.

Use Gnome Boxes is simple enough to indicate a file ISO or URL and follow the simple wizard who with a few simple steps will allow us to start or install new operating systems directly into our Gnome.

A few days ago was released the new version 3.2.2 of GNOME Boxes which adds some features like a better management of virtual images and some settings on the configuration tool.

We tested the new Gnome Boxes on Arch Linux (Thanks to AUR) After the first tests seems an excellent project even though there is still much to be a alternative to Vitualbox.

Does not support Virtual machines created with VirtualBox and offers no support for USB devices. For the rest of the project is quite stable and above all very fast and consume less resources than VirtualBox.

For more information on Gnome Boxes just consult the project page accessible from this page.