Free SMS on iPhone? Here's how!

If you are a happy owner of a gem from Apple, and send several text messages during the day, this post will definitely be for you! In fact, today we will talk about how you can send sms totally free thanks to an app that is just output AppStore. Let's see how you can use this useful application.

The app in question is Free sms and is available in the AppStore right now and of course, completely free of charge. The operation is very simple: When we are confronted with a screen similar to the original of the app Messages. With SMS you can send free SMS to all your contacts without any reliance on the Manager or any other telephone.

By doing a tap on the Settings icon located at the top left of the GUI you will find basic items to set, you can choose to send messages with your phone number or use a nickname of your choice. To get the free sms does not always have to do is go into settings and tap on "I'm Feeling Lucky" at this point appear small banner ads: a tap on a banner is equivalent to a free sms. Easy is not it?

Free sms is available in Appstore this link.

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