Android: How to reset it?

You got into some trouble on your Android and want to start from scratch? LinuxTechCrunch in the next article tells you how to reset it!

You might also find that, in a delirium of omnipotence, you decide to hackers improvised, pick any application installations or unofficial versions of your OS Android.

Now, the omelet is done, no way to revive your Smart-turtle.

How to reset?

LinuxTechCrunch guide offers you a quick and easy.

Obviously you must be prepared that all programs, settings and data will be deleted.

Beware: if you want to format the microSD well, recover first the salvageable!

Here's the guide:

- Access to the application menu by pressing the blue button at the bottom right of the Android homescreen;

- Tap the "Settings" icon, go to "Privacy" and select "Restore to factory settings";

- As said before, if you want to put the tick on the "Format SD card", after recovery;

- Press the "Reset Device" and then "Clear All".

Following the automatic restart, the Android will work feverishly: the new power, your phone will be formatted dear!

And also, if you've updated the version originally found on the Android phone, the reset will not you lose, but will reset the initial settings of the current version of the system!

What do you think?

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