Ubuntu: When you make mistakes to type the password the terminal insults us! Here's how ...

Although not much loved the end is definitely the best way to manage better and faster our Linux Distribution. With the terminal can do everything from installation, removal and application search feature from the most unexpected Browser, The audio player, the email client to even the creation of films about.
Many commands can be used only by root in this case we need to access or adding sudo beginning of the command or by logging in to your administrator through the su command. Once entered, the command will be asked to enter your password and sometimes it can happen to make mistakes as you type, in this case the terminal will show us the error and ask us to re-enter the password.

The developers have decided to add a feature to the command sudo inserendor function called "insults" or "Intelligent insults" which in the case of incorrect entry of the password instead of the normal wording of a sentence appear insult.

Activate the function "insults" on Ubuntu is very simple, just start the terminal and type:
sudo gedit /etc/sudoers
and add
Defaults insults
save and now try to type eg sudo -s and typing the password wrong and here comes the insult from our terminal.

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