Ubuntu 11.10: Problems with the boot loader? Here's how to solve ...

The new Ubuntu 11.10 Oneiric surely brings significant improvements compared to the previous 11.04 Natty, Both in the desktop Unity that the Linux Kernel with the arrival of the new version 3.x.
However, a problem that was already present on the previous version, and unfortunately still present (and in this case also concerns me) is the Boot Loader Grub.

For the uninitiated Ubuntu used as Boot Loader Grub that we start the application that allows you to run multiple operating systems on our PCs also can customize it for example by changing the resolution, background, etc. Default Operating System.

Many users report issues with the new Grub of Ubuntu In fact we will find the written startup error because the monitor incorrect resolution This prevents the display and then the choice of which operating system to boot. We can either wait 10 seconds or press enter to start
Ubuntu 11.10 Oneiric even if this prevents us from launching other distributions in our PC.

How can we solve this problem?

Solving this problem is easy, simply enter the correct resolution of our Grub to do this very easily we can use a simple application called StartUp-Manager.

StartUp-Manager is a simple application with which we can configure our Boot Loader Grub easily between the different configurations we can also adjust the resolution.

Install StartUp-Manager is very simple since it is down there, in the default repositories of Ubuntu, is simply a to install Ubuntu Software Center or from a terminal type:
sudo apt-get install startupmanager
Once installed start it (you will be prompted for the password to start it) and on the first tab called Boot Options on Screen we can set the correct resolution, the board also enter the same resolution also on board Advanced -> Resolution of the bootloader menu close and restart.

On the restart we will have our Boot Loader Grub clearly visible.

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