Second beta version of GNOME 3

The team responsible for the GNOME Project has announced the launch of the second and final beta version of GNOME 3.0. In this second beta is followed by a release candidate to arrive on 23 March, after which we will have with us the final version GNOME 3.0 on 6 April.

GNOME 3.0 Beta 2 (Or GNOME 2.91.91, as developers call it) includes changes to stabilize this desktop environment, plus correct errors and problems detected in previous versions.

According to the developers, this version has many features and "frozen" so that will be very similar to what we finally see. As usual with these versions of development, not recommended for use in production environments, but it certainly is an interesting way to see how they work both GNOME 3 as its interface, GNOME Shell.

You can find more details on the version in the notes of the kernel of the environment and in the notes relating to applications. And of course if you urge You can download the beta and compilaros as indicated in the notice on the developer mailing list.

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