How to shutdown/reboot Ubuntu 10.10 without having to leave the login screen (possible solution)

Hi everyone I will explain what I did when all was well on my ubuntu 10.10 until one day off and wanted nothing more I closed meeting (is a nuisance off from the login screen), The problem is that another session was initiated from my laptop how? because the problem was a program installed called freevo (which is a media player in the style quick hp). Search and browse anything until sometimes I can not turn off that user is connected to the machine I thought maybe it was a mistake because my ubuntu is more secure than this thing called windows, so I tried to see if there was any hacker or a trojan virus do not know why I thought that by using ubuntu. Concludes that did not lose anything to try and I did the following:

1- I opened a console and write this command: ck-list-sessions
and I was deployed I had two sessions open, one was mine and one had no name and only came out the PID was 120 so to find out who was the Pid introduced the following command:

2- cat /etc/passwd | grep 120 (Being 120 the number of PID who showed me the last command and discovered that he had two programs:
gdm:x:113:120:Gnome Display Manager:/var/lib/gdm:/bin/false
one was the gdm and the other was the freevo, so I decided to install des frevo that the gdm not cause problems so

3- Des freevo installed and ready to restart and shut down my problem was solved, could shut down and restart without problems turned to enter the command: ck-list-sessions and I came just one session:
unix-user = '1000'
realname = 'jimmyxbuntu'
seat = 'Seat1'
session-type = ''
active = TRUE
x11-display = ':0'
x11-display-device = '/dev/tty7'
display-device = ''
remote-host-name = ''
is-local = TRUE
on-since = '2011-03-02T00:09:05.939129Z'
login-session-id = ''
I hope you have served greetings

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