Adobe Flash Player 10.3 Beta, also for Linux

Adobe developers seem to follow with due regard to Linux users, despite a scare in the past, because have published a new preliminary version of its Flash technology.

Adobe Flash Player 10.3 Beta is now available simultaneously for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux, and the question is: Is this version interesting for Linux users?

It appears that Flash Player 10.3 has been improved do this paragraph, and in the vague release notes simply said something about VDPAU support for NVIDIA. Or what is the same: if you have a GeForce of series 8 or higher and you use the proprietary drivers, you will continue being able to enjoy the hardware acceleration. If not, nothing will change depending on the CPU.

The sad thing is that even Gnash Flash Player supports VA-API. we recall that Adobe is working on it safe, although this support may -Ideal for users of Intel's integrated graphics chipsets, very popular in laptops and netbooks - not available to Flash Player 10.4.

Can Download Adobe Flash Player 10.3 Beta from Download page of Adobe Labs.

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