About 40 security problems discovered in the kernel of Ubuntu 10.04 LTS

Have been discovered nearly 40 vulnerabilities in the Linux Ubuntu 10.04 kernel (Lucid Lynx) version LTS (Long Time Support) of this distribution of GNU/Linux. Kubuntu, Edubuntu and Xubuntu with the same number, are also affected.

Some of these problems are related in the way the "Common Internet File System (CIFS) valid packets ICMP (Internet Control Message Protocol), allowing a Denial of Service (DOS).

It was also discovered a security hole in NFSv4 (Network File System v4) that would allow an attacker to gain administrative privileges. A total of nine vulnerabilities have been identified that give root privileges and 14 that lead to denial of service.

Others are related to improper checking privileges and the restricting file "read-only" that in a multi-user environment can affect, among other issues, privacy. In the article link at the bottom you have the complete list of vulnerabilities published by Ubuntu.

As usual in GNU/Linux, these problems are detected and corrected quickly. There are already patches to address these vulnerabilities and simply to update.

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