Nokia adopt Windows Phone 7 in their smartphones (Updated: MeeGo and Symbian remain standing)

Officially confirmed what was already an open secret: the Finnish company Nokia will start using Windows Phone 7 as operating system for most of its smartphones. The confirmation comes through a press release from Microsoft itself.

Broadly speaking, the agreement speaks to what we already know that manufacture smartphones for Nokia with Windows Phone 7 to ship globally. But more than that. Apparently you want to achieve a complete synergy in the mobile (not going to be) also integrating ancillary services to smartphones itself.

An example of this is that Microsoft joined Nokia Maps within its mapping service. We know that despite Bing Maps offers a good service in the U.S. and other countries leaves much to be desired in other markets. So it makes sense that Microsoft decides to take advantage of the overall service offered by Nokia in this regard. And it is worth highlighting that this integration will not only maps in Windows Phone, but will affect Bing Maps in general.

On the other hand, Nokia will use Bing as default browser in all its services and products, Not just smartphones but also online services and "feature phones." In addition, Microsoft will use Nokia contracts with operators to facilitate payments in the Marketplace with charges to the phone bill.

Finally, Nokia says it will integrate the content of the store OVI in the Marketplace Microsoft. This is a bit confusing, as all these apps are designed for Symbian, so it would have little future in this new scenario. Unlike the case of the music store OVI ,Whose contents could easily be added to the Zune Marketplace.

But beyond these details, there is little doubt that we are facing a story that marked a before and after in this "war of smartphones" ,Will have to wait to see how things evolve.

Updated: Nokia does not mention plans to kill any of the operating systems that currently work. MeeGo will be an experimental platform in which will continue to work now and in the long run, while Symbian will leave as a franchise, while still providing support to users of this system.

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