Apple and Google could be the biggest beneficiaries of the alliance between Microsoft and Nokia

The news stunned the world: Nokia decided alliance with Microsoft for the future of mobile, adopting Windows Phone 7 while continuing to MeeGo and Symbian. It is too early to see the consequences, but analysts have already launched their opinions. Mike Abramsky, of RBC Capital Markets, believes that the companies that will draw out of this will be Google and Apple.

Windows Phone 7 will have a presence in more devices with this union, yes, but this also means that competition from large mobile operating systems become "a three-horse race between ,With Windows Phone 7 win against a much stronger iOS and Android, Bearing in mind that the CEO of Nokia released a statement to employees admitting that competition from Apple has drastically changed the market to "redefine the concept of telephone", combined with Microsoft can be a solution.

Of joining Google, Android would have taken a lot more strength and then Apple would be the benefit to a prejudiced by seeing a surge of devices with the system of its competitor (there would be another alternative, together with Apple, but we all know what Apple thinks about including the IOS outside devices.) But Microsoft has ended up being chosen, moving the balance towards three main rivals in the mobile market.

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