Android 2.4 Ice Cream can arrive the next summer

Relatively recently that Android 2.3 Gingerbread has come to the mobile platform, but the company is already embroiled in the next version of the system: Android 2.4 Ice Cream. This new version should arrive sometime in the summer months ,And can see a public presentation at the Google IO next May.

If true, Google would comply with the release pattern was proposed to himself after reducing the frequency of updates a couple of major releases each year ,As more or less Ubuntu. In terms of developments that can bring this new version of the system, unfortunately there is not any evidence.

With this rate of development of the free mobile system from Google continues to grow, and of fact has exceeded IOS of Apple in sales within the United States after reaching a 26% market share compared with 25% of the competitor. Any bets on what can bring ice cream Google?

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