LibreOffice 3.3 RC1 available

The fork of the office suite continues its evolution launch of its first Release Candidate, Which is now available for download and, yes, "is not geared to use in production environments" ,according to The Document Foundation in the official announcement.

In the release notes warn us that there are several topics that are working, with more detail here- Such as the fact that the Windows version is international ,So we'll have to choose the most appropriate language in each case. Of course, the assistance is not available in an integrated manner, and are working on the online version.
In contrast, versions of Linux and Mac OS X are distributed in English, And from there you need to install language packs, you can download from here.

Also warn that both the branding and renaming of the office suite is still evolving, so that you may still see old graphics, icons, and web sites related to the application. Is not serious, but they want polishing anything that could confuse this with suite.

You know that distros like Ubuntu or openSUSE -Whose Preliminary versions and include serial-LibreOffice have invested heavily in this issue "completely free" office suite. We will continue to heed, and it is expected that the final version displayed in a few days.

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