4 file manager for Linux by console

Like many Linux users, I'm a fan of the console And although there are many good graphical file manager in linux (nautilus, dolphin, pcmanfm2, thunar, rox, etc) I wanted to find one that uses ncurses interface it is for the console.

In my search I found 4 file managers for the console and want to present to those who do not know. All these programs should be in the repositories of their respective Linux distributions.

Midnight Commander
Probably the administrator console of choice for fans of the console, have many choices, it is robust and allows FTP connections. Runs on 2 panels and as far as I can not use tabs or anything.


This is a well known file manager as well. Vifm means "Vi File Manager" and that's because it is designed for use with the same keyboard shortcuts that are used in Vi or Vim. Has a feature that stands out and is light speed or faster to open folders or even thousands of files. Working with 1 or 2 panels.


This manager is suppose to many again. I had not heard of before this investigation. What's more. It handles both keyboard shortcuts as commands. Of all the console administrators that I am presenting today is he that has an interface more work and undoubtedly the best. Can be used with various panels and has the option to view directories in a tree (yes, I know that mc can do that). It also allows FTP connections.


in my opinion is the most comfortable to work. The way it handles the tabs and in which we move through the directories is simply unbeatable.

Still lacks a lot of development, a little closer to the interface Linm, have the speed and robustness vifm mc. But as comfortable to use as the best

Well ... I hope to use them if they wish. Graphics managers have nothing bad is just a matter of taste

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  1. i have installed vifm, but i wonder can i copy and paste files, i don't know how to do that .


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