According to an independent study, Firefox is the best filter for malicious sites

Security is very important on Internet and your favorite web browser also looks at that aspect. The site Hispasec independently conducted a study to test safety against fraudulent sites, in most popular browsers: Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer and Opera.

The study was very simple. 20,623 were trying to access from various malicious web browsers. For this, each browser has different methods of protection, among which most common is black list of fraudulent sites, where each browser has a kind of repository that blocks malicious sites.

What conclusion reached? Of 20,623 malicious web pages, Firefox blocked 35.08% (7108), Chrome 32.76% (6639), Internet Explorer a 25.39% (5,114) and Opera 8.34% (1690). That is, Firefox (followed closely by Chrome) is browser that blocks most sites, while Opera is worst of four, even worse than Internet Explorer.

According to report, all URLs were detected as malicious by any of browsers. But then, what is problem? Why is there so much difference in data? The problem is clearly in low or no predisposition of some of parties to work together. For example, it often happens that detected malicious URLs in Firefox from being detected by Internet Explorer or Opera and vice versa. If there is a universal filter, created and maintained by all browsers on market surely situation would improve for everyone.

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