Review Of New Features Of GNOME 2.26

Team launched the Gnome desktop a new version of the famous GNOME desktop, and bearing the number 2.26. GNOME desktop features and focuses on ease of use and stability, and support for international languages is easy. And is a desktop GNOME desktops months on GNU / Linux and Unix, where it is adopted in the months of distributions: Ubuntu and Open Suse and Fedora and RedHat and Open Solaris and Debian and other distributions of the many.
GNOME development period of approximately six months, it is developing slowly but effectively, giving it a lot of fame and stability

The most important new features in this release are:
1 - an integrated system for burning CD and DVD.
Version previous incorporates the possibility to burn disks, but with this release, added Brasero program officially a program wonderful and distinctive in its field.

2 - Simplify File Sharing
Containing the new version adds to the file manager to enable the sharing of personal files using Bluetooth technology, and HTTP, and WebDAV.

3 - Evolution facilitates the transition from Outlook
Obtained GNOME program to manage e-mail and a package of collective action (Evolution) in this release on the advantages to facilitate the transition from Microsoft's Outlook to Evolution:
The first advantage: the ability to import folders of Microsoft Outlook PST directly in Evolution with the support, contacts, and appointments, and tasks, brochures and e-mail addresses.
The second advantage: the protocol support for Microsoft Exchange (MAPI)
And is the protocol used by Microsoft Windows to communicate between the server and Outlook Exchange. Evolution Program, which gives equal advantages with Outlook.
4 - Improvements to the multimedia player
Feature on the support UPnP and DLNA protocol for easy sharing of content stored in multimedia player directly, as well as added software attached to help him search for the translation and download movies directly from the Internet.
5 - full control sound with PulseAudio
PulseAudio is a new system to control the input and output, and blending sounds, and may rely on a lot of free software platforms, and it supports new features such as a feature (Enter filled) and the dynamic process of scrolling the audio (eg sound card USB)
With this version can take advantage of these features and the new control system used natural sounds, a tool Sound Preferences.

6 - Support for multiple screens and projectors
Become an instrument containing the display settings on the improved presentation enables you to control any screen or projector is plugged into the system, and also facilitated the preparation of more than one screen is much better than before.

7 - Support for video and audio in Empathy
This version with the pace of Empathy program a new step in this area in terms of support file transfer feature and advantage of the call for a chat room and audio alerts and improve the experience of VoIP.

8 - Improving the Epiphany
 Gnome browser Epiphany won many of the features of the most important of which is similar to the Places bar bar places of Firefox 3.

9 - Integration with fingerprint reader
GNOME 2.26 is integrated with the fingerprint reading fprintd service allowing users relying on the fingerprint reader for authentication security.
In addition to new features small here and there with new features for developers such as GTK + 2.16 and support functions for burning discs and function Evince.


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