digiKam 1.2.0 released , digiKam - Photo Management Soft

Two months after the release of version 1.2, active digiKam team released version 1.2, which contained a significant change log. It seems very easy development of digiKam? Strange to do that so quickly 

The new version contains major changes in the BatchQueueManager and ImageEditor. 
ImageEditor own widget zoom-able preview, and became a multi-threaded.
The BatchQueueManager has won 16 of the new tools. The good news is that digiKam able to close the 100 bug reports that are impressive.

For more details, see announcement here.
Good work! Continued

Google releases web security scanner

Google announced the screening program is an open source its own, which makes web developers are able to detect vulnerabilities in Web applications that work on them.
This is called Skipfish program is an alternative to several tools such as nmap and nessus, but Google says that soon, as Google said that this program can deal with HTTP 2000 requests per second, and more than 7000 request per second on the local network.
This program can detect many of the gaps, such as XSS and SQL injection, and XML.
As Google said it is using this program to check the web applications they produce.
Make this program according to the Apache License Version II, and it is the latest version 1.10 beta

Review Of New Features Of GNOME 2.26

Team launched the Gnome desktop a new version of the famous GNOME desktop, and bearing the number 2.26. GNOME desktop features and focuses on ease of use and stability, and support for international languages is easy. And is a desktop GNOME desktops months on GNU / Linux and Unix, where it is adopted in the months of distributions: Ubuntu and Open Suse and Fedora and RedHat and Open Solaris and Debian and other distributions of the many.
GNOME development period of approximately six months, it is developing slowly but effectively, giving it a lot of fame and stability

The most important new features in this release are:
1 - an integrated system for burning CD and DVD.
Version previous incorporates the possibility to burn disks, but with this release, added Brasero program officially a program wonderful and distinctive in its field.

2 - Simplify File Sharing
Containing the new version adds to the file manager to enable the sharing of personal files using Bluetooth technology, and HTTP, and WebDAV.

3 - Evolution facilitates the transition from Outlook
Obtained GNOME program to manage e-mail and a package of collective action (Evolution) in this release on the advantages to facilitate the transition from Microsoft's Outlook to Evolution:
The first advantage: the ability to import folders of Microsoft Outlook PST directly in Evolution with the support, contacts, and appointments, and tasks, brochures and e-mail addresses.
The second advantage: the protocol support for Microsoft Exchange (MAPI)
And is the protocol used by Microsoft Windows to communicate between the server and Outlook Exchange. Evolution Program, which gives equal advantages with Outlook.
4 - Improvements to the multimedia player
Feature on the support UPnP and DLNA protocol for easy sharing of content stored in multimedia player directly, as well as added software attached to help him search for the translation and download movies directly from the Internet.
5 - full control sound with PulseAudio
PulseAudio is a new system to control the input and output, and blending sounds, and may rely on a lot of free software platforms, and it supports new features such as a feature (Enter filled) and the dynamic process of scrolling the audio (eg sound card USB)
With this version can take advantage of these features and the new control system used natural sounds, a tool Sound Preferences.

6 - Support for multiple screens and projectors
Become an instrument containing the display settings on the improved presentation enables you to control any screen or projector is plugged into the system, and also facilitated the preparation of more than one screen is much better than before.

7 - Support for video and audio in Empathy
This version with the pace of Empathy program a new step in this area in terms of support file transfer feature and advantage of the call for a chat room and audio alerts and improve the experience of VoIP.

8 - Improving the Epiphany
 Gnome browser Epiphany won many of the features of the most important of which is similar to the Places bar bar places of Firefox 3.

9 - Integration with fingerprint reader
GNOME 2.26 is integrated with the fingerprint reading fprintd service allowing users relying on the fingerprint reader for authentication security.
In addition to new features small here and there with new features for developers such as GTK + 2.16 and support functions for burning discs and function Evince.


DoS vulnerability in Firefox 3.6

Today when touring the site exploit-database brought to my attention that one of them, he put the exploitation of the vulnerability of the type of Denial Of Service, any withholding service from any type of remote can be exploited remotely.

Exploitation experienced on windows 7 and ubuntu 9.10 kind of x32 and x64

May be possible to develop this exploitation to become a buffer overflow
To view the Code of exploitation:

Parrot VM Version 2.2.0 released

Parrot Foundation announced the issuance of Version 2.2.0 of its Parrot virtual machine
Job Program: Extends Digital Expositor one to run the first of many languages, Perl and other languages, including Python and Ruby, and PHP
License: Artistic License Version II
Version 2.2.0 features: included several changes and updates in the core of the program in addition to several reforms in the RNG.
Location of the program: parrot.org
To download Version 2.2.0: FTP

Antivirus ClamTk version 4.25 released

Program Name: ClamTk
Version: 4.25
Release Date: 2010
Usefulness of the program: The program is a graphical interface to the famous anti-virus ClamAV, and shows us the advantage of being in the window save and download programs.
Program website: Here
Packages are available in the stores of most distributions (if not all).


Skype Published Source Audio Encoding SILK

Skype has announced that it had published the source code for encoding audio SILK own which is used in the program (Skype to chat). According to the Declaration that the audio codec Silk was the result of three years of development, which has a high potential of improvement and the pressure to be used in communications, even under weak communications infrastructure. It also uses the amount of 50% less data to be transferred over the network compared with the previous encodings.

Encoding Silk authorized use it only for non-commercial purposes is directed to the internal tests and the pilot only. Companies that wish to use them commercially would require a license application for the use of Skype.

LCA2010 Videos Available Now

Become lectures at the Linux.conf.au 2010 is available for viewing and free download on this site. Linux.conf.au Conference is an annual conference held in different cities of Australia and New Zealand, a non-profit, aims to support the GNU / Linux and open source communities in the group Australasia (the name given to both Australia and New Zealand and Papua New Guinea). The abbreviated name of LCA.

LCA2010 Conference held in 18-23 January 2010 the city of Wellington in New Zealand. For presentations and lectures in the form of video from this link.

Ubuntu Tweak 0.5.3 Version released

Most of us know the control program is wonderful and her daughters in Ubuntu
You can download the latest version of it here

OpenShot 1.1 Version Released

Two months after the launch of the first version of the program OpenShot for video editing on a platform Linux, announced the launch of the program developer version OpenShot 1.1 , Which came to many reforms and significant improvements in terms of speed in particular.
And can sum up the most important features of this version in the following things:
- Speed, the faster OpenShot 1300% change on the review of the video after its liberation and 1000% when you boot the program itself.
- Add undo feature plate with the date to the program.
- Improving the export panel to display encodings are installed on your system only, because most of the crashes the program came from the notations chosen was not installed on your system.
- Adding many influences and facilitate added to the sections, and facilitate the liberalization of the sections.
- Improving the process of internationalization of the program.
It is worth mentioning that the program OpenShot will become available by default in the stores the next version of Ubuntu 10.4.
To download this version of the Here.

Windows7 Vs. Ubuntu 9.10 Vs. OpenSUSE11.2 : Giants struggle

During the period preceding the launch of new versions of operating systems, each company has promoted its new

Microsoft launched its new which bore the name Windows 7
The issuing company Canonical Ubuntu 9.1, which carries the name karmic
Novell launched a new version of OpenSUSE distribution bears the number 11.2

In this issue we will try to look more near to these systems by making some comparisons
By specification prior to the start of the laptop that was used:

CPU Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU T5850 @ 2.16GHz 2.17GHz

Systems that have been tested are:

Windows7 Ultimate By Microsoft
Ubuntu9.1 Karmic By Canonical
Kernel generic 2.6.31-14 Gnome 2.28.1
OpenSUSE11.2 By Novell
Kernel desktop KDE 4.3.1

The latest versions of these systems until the time of making this comparison

I - the desktop:
That is up to the discretion of the user, following image shows the default skin for systems

For me it was arranged as follows:


II – Installation Time :

Has been deleted time that results from the slow introduction of user data, and the following figures are only taken to the system to be installed.

And the Arrangement is as follows:

Ubuntu 9.10

III - booting time:

This time has been divided into two parts:
I : from boot leader to password require

Ubuntu 9.10
Windows 7

II: Add to first time the time required to Active Desktop - of course, we removed the time it takes to enter the password -

Windows 7
Ubuntu 9.10

IV - the time of shutdown:
Time is measured from the moment you give the order to shut down and until the completion of this process.

Ubuntu 9.10
Windows 7

V. - Time to transfer files:
Which I referred to before submitting the results to you is the properties of the folder in which to experiment by

Folder Size: 1.01GB
Folder that contains 125
Contains 4,967 file
File sizes from 1KB to 81.6MB

Was conducted two tests:
I: From Partition to Partition of the system (in Windows7 disk C, In Toziotai GNU / Linux has been transportation to / home)

Ubuntu 9.10
Windows 7

II: From Partition to Flash Memory and vice versa.

Ubuntu 9.10
Windows 7

Ubuntu 9.10
Windows 7

VI - Energy:
Were measured in the time of discharge the battery note had been working on the same applications on different systems
And been taken into account the stage of fire for each system, that is:
Windows7 has been shut down at 7%
And Ubuntu at 1.3%
OpenSUSE and at 6%
The previous options are the default options and have been adopted without change

Ubuntu 9.10
Windows 7

The final sentence should I leave it to you

Issuance Of The Firewall Builder 4.0 beta , The Most Popular Firewall On KDE

Released version 4 beta of famous firewall (Firewall Builder 4.0 beta) The latest version contains major changes included the interface (in part).
The website of the program: Here 
For the changes: Here

Latest news Ubuntu 10.04 - a new design and logo changes ubuntu

Ubuntu's new logo :
New feature
Human attribute has been changed - which were not desirable in many - to feature the most beautiful, was named light

Illuminated version:
Dark version:
Boot screen:
The change was made from upsplash to plymouth, while still xsplash is

The new design for the boot screen:
Feature a new instant messaging program empathy:
The new default background:
Make many improvements to the tool indicator:
Login screen:

Latest News Release:

News Confirmed :
At the outset, the name of the version Lucid Lynx, which is the name of the animal (wild lynx)
10.4 will be Ubuntu LTS: This means that they will be supported for 3 years

GIMP image editor will not be in your neighborhood, and you can download it from the Package Manager
Transition from usplash to Plymouth : This means the effects of the movements during the boot

The kernel 2.6.32 will be the default

Video Editor PiTivi probably will be the default

News unconfirmed :
May contain a program to back up
The transition from F-spot to gthump

Timeline for the issuance of Ubuntu 10.04 and technical support for the Ubuntu distributions:
Some pictures of the most important changes:
Scan simplified became available in this version: 
Added to this version Gwibber:

And for those with special needs:
Software Centre

System / Preferences
Was added three new items:
Gwibber Social Accounts (Account Settings)
Gwibber Social Settings
Messaging and VoIP Accounts (Account Settings for emphatyhy)

Vulnerability ( Gap ) In Sudo

Was discovered a gap in sudo :
The flaw is inconsequential in standard installations because runas_default isn't usually enabled there. The official version of sudo is also unaffected. The updated version, 1.7.2p4, fixes the flaw in sudoedit. The stable version has since been updated to version 1.7.2p5(direct download) to fix two other bugs

This vulnerability does not affect the majority because the option runas_default not be Enabled

As well as the official version of sudo do not contain a gap

Kurt program to record video programs explain

Program Name: Krut
Version: 0.9.3
Release Date: 2009
Date of Birth: 2005
Operating System: all systems.
Statement: GPL
Usefulness of the program: registration of annotations on the desktop and record video games file format (Audio and Image) with the conservation of output in the form of mov, and sound in the form of wav. 
Website Program: Here 
Ready-made packages: There is a package Ubuntu and Windows only.

Explain How To Sort The Programs Of Both GNOME And KDE On Alone

Many of you, and the installation of the KDE interface is used, while Gnome and vice versa

It is also disturbing mixing programs cladding so I will give you the answer, that Gnome programs will be separate from other KDE and vice versa

And the method is as follows:

1 - Installation of package gnome-menu-extended: function separate programs on KDE and Gnome interface which will be allocated a separate sub-list of programs when you install KDE This package as the picture:

Downloads :
Download Gnome Menu Extended 1.2 for Linux - A menu for the GNOME desktop with KDE and OpenOffice.org submenus for Gnome 2.10 or later. - Softpedia

Package available for both: Ubuntu, Fedore, slackware, you can also built from the source

2 - Installation Package K Menu Gnome: function to separate programs on Gnome and KDE interface where you will be allocated a separate sub-list of programs when you install Gnome this package

Image to confirm that the packages work on KDE 4.x

Downloads :
Download K Menu Gnome 1.2.1 for Linux - K Menu Gnome project is a K Menu with Gnome folder and extra icons for KDE 3.2 or later. - Softpedia


Are available for each of the beams: Ubuntu, slackware, you can also built from the source

How to use e-mail community in Linux to connect with others

I will explain today how you can use e-mail to the society in which you want by the XMPP protocol
First : Turn on the existing messenger IM you, for example, Pidgin
Second: Go to Accounts, and then to Add / Edit Account, you will see the following picture :

Third : Choose the Protocol XMPP through the menu next to the word Protocol.
Fourth : Fill in your information, and are:
Check the Screen Name Put the name of your mail.
Domain check the place where the community's Domain as in the picture below.
Check the Resource leave as is.
Check of any Password: password, place the password your own.
Check the Local alias Put the name you want to show those on your list.
Place a tick next to each of the Remember password in order not to re-enter your password each time. Tick next to the New mail notifications in order to show you a message telling you that you have new mail. If you want to choose a picture, check the Use this buddy icon for this account and then choose a small image:

Fifth : Go to the Advanced page, and by checking on
Allow plaintext auth over unencrypted streams

Now be over all, I work only and will Save you new mail, so you can communicate with other members of the community in which you want
Very Important Note: This explanation applies to any mail you on the site supports the protocol XMPP.

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